Books for Young Adults

Crossovers & Connections Guide

HARVEST HOUSE, HEARTS UNBROKEN, and RAIN IS NOT MY INDIAN are set in the same realistic universe. Characters in the novels overlap.

Map of Hannesburg by Mark G. Mitchell.

The TANTALIZE series and FERAL trilogy are set in the same fantastical universe and characters in the novels overlap. The TANTALIZE series (TANTALIZE, ETERNAL, BLESSED and DIABOLICAL) includes graphic novel adaptations (TANTALIZE: KIEREN’S STORY and ETERNAL: ZACHARY’S STORY) with new scenes and points of view. The spin-off FERAL trilogy (FERAL NIGHTS, FERAL CURSE, and FERAL PRIDE). Being the finale, FERAL PRIDE integrates all four protagonists from the TANTALIZE-FERAL universe to varying degrees. The short stories “Cat Calls,” “Cupid’s Beaux” and “Haunted Love” are likewise set in this universe.

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