Harvest House

Cover art by Britt Newton; cover design by Pam Consolazio.

HARVEST HOUSE by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Candlewick, April 11, 2023). Ages 12-up. Audio edition forthcoming from Listening Library.

NSK Neustadt Laureate and New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Leitich Smith delivers a thrilling cross-genre follow-up to the acclaimed Hearts Unbroken.

Deftly leading readers to the literary crossroads of contemporary realism and haunting mystery, Cynthia Leitich Smith revisits the world of her American Indian Youth Literature Award winner HEARTS UNBROKEN.

Halloween is near, and Hughie Wolfe is volunteering at a new rural attraction: Harvest House. He’s excited to take part in the fun, spooky show—until he learns that an actor playing the vengeful spirit of an “Indian maiden,” a ghost inspired by local legend, will headline.

Folklore aside, unusual things have been happening at night at the crossroads near Harvest House. A creepy man is stalking teenage girls and young women, particularly Indigenous women; dogs are fretful and on edge; and wild animals are behaving strangely. While Hughie weighs how and when to speak up about the bigoted legend, he and his friends begin to investigate the crossroads and whether it might be haunted after all.

As Moon rises on All Hallow’s Eve, will they be able to protect themselves and their community?

Gripping and evocative, Harvest House showcases a versatile storyteller at her spooky, unsettling best.

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Depending on the title, Cynthia’s books may be found from Native bookstores like Birchbark Books and Native Arts and Red Planet Books and Comics, her local independent BookPeople in Austin, other terrific Texas bookstores like Blue Willow Bookshop and Brazos Bookstore, retail sites supporting indie bookstores like BookShop (Affiliate), IndieBound and (audio books), brick-and-mortar chains like Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, and online retailer (Author Central).

HARVEST HOUSE (Candlewick, 2023)(Listening Library, 2024), HEARTS UNBROKEN (Candlewick, 2018, 2020)(Listening Library, 2023), and RAIN IS NOT MY INDIAN NAME (HarperCollins, 2001)(Heartdrum, 2021)(Harper Audio, 2022) are set in the same universe.

About the Cover Illustrator

Britt Newton is a Colorado-based artist and citizen of Muscogee Nation. She is also the illustrator of REZ, THE DOG, written by Laura Bullock.

Britt says, “It was an amazing opportunity to bring this cover and characters to life—a modern Native YA mystery is something I would’ve loved as a teenager and being able to contribute to this project has been a dream!”

Author Insights

“An atmospheric novel compellingly interweaving chills and contemporary themes.” —Kirkus Reviews

Media Kit

Harvest House Media Kit from Candlewick Press. Includes book specifications, flap copy, note from the author and companion book information.

Media Buzz
Indigenous Languages

The Native languages referenced in Harvest House are living languages. My sources were The College of the Muscogee Nation, the Muscogee Nation, and the Muscogee Nation Language App.
Ojibwe People’s Dictionary (OPD).

Mvskoke–English Glossary

Em vnicvkvs: help them (MNLA: Words)

Em vnicvs: help her/help him (MNLA: Words)

Heren vcafaste tomes: She treats me well. (MNLA: Describing People)

Hesci: hello (CMN)

Heruse tos: She is beautiful. (MNLA: Describing People)

Hvtvm cehecares: I will see you again. (MNLA: Words)

Ivpecicv: hurry up (to one person) (MNLA: Commands)

Letkv: run (MNLA: Commands)

Lopice tos: She is kind. (MNLA: Describing People)

Mvto: thank you (MNLA: Words)

Ojibwe–English Glossary

Miigwetch: thank you (OPD)

Nookomis: my grandmother (OPD)

Hardcover | $19.99 Published by Candlewick Apr 11, 2023 | 320 Pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 | Young Adult | ISBN 9781536218602| Other editions: Audio