Warning: this page gives away some events and language from the novel.

Memory Ticklers

  1. Do Rain’s pictures make the paper?
  2. What is The Flash’s interview question for Rain?
  3. Who is the subject of the biography that Fynn has been reading?
  4. What’s the latest update on Fynn and Natalie’s engagement?

For Book Talks Or For Your Journal

second best friends

In the journal entry to this chapter, we get a glimpse of the second-best-friendship that Rain and Queenie have lost.

What does it reveal about the two girls?

How are they alike? How are they different?

Do you think they’ll someday become friends again?

cross-cultural communications

The Flash and Rain talk about their backgrounds, Jewish and Native respectively. He doesn’t understand why Aunt Georgia would have the Indian Campers build the pasta bridge. She’s surprised to learn that he’s Jewish. Both of these characters struggle a bit toward understanding.

What do you think are some of the challenges in communicating cross-culturally? What are good ways to beat them?

What do you think of this friendship between The Flash and Rain?

One of Rain’s primary relationships is with someone of yet another different ethnic background. Queenie is a Black Seminole.

How does Rain react to one of their differences?

At what age does she have this reaction?

Is it somehow more forgivable because of her age? Why or why not?

Maybe you’re wondering why Rain doesn’t always think in the most culturally sensitive ways. All of us human beings slip sometimes, even folks like Rain who themselves have been misunderstood or mistreated.

wedding bell blues

Fynn and Natalie’s sudden engagement is being postponed.

Do you think they will get married eventually? Why or why not?