Rain Is Not My Indian Name: A Taste For Green Bean Casserole

Quick Questions

  1. What kind of summer job did Galen find for himself and Rain?
  2. Where does Rain go after leaving the cemetery?
  3. What do Aunt Georgia and Rain talk about in the garden?
  4. What does Rain write about in her journal while she’s alone in the garden?

For Book Talks Or Your Journal


Aunt Georgia is definitely a smart, caring woman. But in this story, she is also a real human being. She doesn’t know exactly what to tell Rain about honoring Galen’s birthday. She simply offers her faith and support. All of us have people whose belief in us makes our lives richer. Who are your mentors, your supportive loved ones? Can you think of an example in which the faith of such a person made a big difference to you?


Rain remembers the tiniest details of her mother’s funeral, details about less significant days that might have passed from her mind. Do you have any days like that, where you can close your eyes and return to the moment, no longer how long ago? Could you share one of those memories?


On the roof, Rain tells Galen that she hates football and he agrees. Why do you think they say that? How does it tie into grief for Rain’s mother and what’s going on inside the house?

Author Insights

My own mother is an amazing gardener. It’s her passion, her art, one of her many gifts to and from this world. When I thought of where Rain would go in this chapter, I knew that it had to be a garden and it had to be Aunt Georgia’s.