Rain Is Not My Indian Name: Mamas and Babes

Quick Questions

  1. When Rain gets home, who has left her a few messages?
  2. What does Natalie say when she’s found out that Rain has joined the summer camp program?
  3. What does Natalie ask Rain to do?

For Book Talks Or Your Journal


In the journal entry, Mama and Dad are arguing about where to live and whether Dad should retire from the military service. After she dies, Rain says, “When the base finally closed, Dad wouldn’t consider taking Fynn and me to South Korea, and there’s been no talk about the two of us moving to Guam.” What do you think was responsible for Dad’s change of heart?


Sometimes Rain refers to her mother as Mama and sometimes as Mom. Why do you think she does this? Do you see any patterns to when she uses one name or the other?