Heart and Spirit: Interview with Author K.A. Holt

By Carol Coven Grannick

As a poet and children’s author as well as clinical social worker, I’m particularly interested in the emotional resilience that I believe is foundational to a writing life. I’m interested in what I consider the many facets of emotional resilience, the behaviors that fuel and flow from it—positive emotions such as hope and joy, persistence, and productivity.

I don’t like the phrase I see sometimes describing emotional resilience as having a “thick skin.”

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Summer Hiatus & Publishing Preview

Gayleen and Cynthia at the Austin SCBWI conference

By Gayleen Rabakukk

Cynsations is now officially on summer hiatus. We will return in the fall with more inspiration, insights and information on children’s-YA writing, illustration, literature and publishing.

In the meantime, keep up on all those topics with Cynthia Leitich Smith on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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