Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Feral Pride Cover Reveal, Feral Series Book Teaser & Giveaway

By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Check out the cover for my upcoming novel, Feral Pride (Candlewick, 2015) and the book trailer for the Feral series, produced by Book Candy Studios.

From the promotional copy for Feral Pride:

Anti-shifter sentiment is at an all-time high when Kayla’s transformation to werecat is captured on video and uploaded for the world to see.

Suddenly she becomes a symbol of the werebeast threat and—along with fellow cat Yoshi, Lion-Possum Clyde, and human Aimee—a hunted fugitive.

Meanwhile, a self-proclaimed weresnake has kidnapped the governor of Texas and hit the airwaves with a message of war.

In retaliation, werepeople are targeted by law enforcement, threatened with a shift-suppressing vaccine, terrorized by corporate conspiracy, and enslaved by a top-secret, intelligent Cryptid species.

Can Clyde rally his inner lion king to lead his friends—new and old—into battle against ruthless, media-savvy foes? A rousing blend of suspense, paranormal romance, humor, and high action.

The explosive finale to the Feral series by New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Leitich Smith.

First take on Feral Pride (Candlewick, 2015), just in from Kirkus Reviews:

wickedly funny, quickly paced style is anchored by the novel’s
underlying theme of the marginalization of people and its effects, both
those obvious (‘Our legal rights are slippery,’ explains Kayla) and more
insidiously subtle (like the wedge driven between Clyde, a
werepossum/werelion hybrid, and his human girlfriend, Aimee, because of
her father’s prejudice). …witty, smart and moving—sure to satisfy…”

Cynsational Giveaway

Enter to win Feral Nights (Candlewick, 2013), Feral Curse (Candlewick, 2014) and an advanced reader copy of Feral Pride. Publisher sponsored. Eligibility: North America.

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  1. Love the trailer. Totally creates interest and is compelling. And the MUSIC! Great! Love all the covers, too 😀

  2. Intriguing book trailer! I'm now very curious to read the Feral series, so I'd love to win.
    – Tanja W.

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