Spirit of PaperTigers Project

Today PaperTigers announced its Spirit of PaperTigers Project, an initiative of Pacific Rim Voices, with the aim of promoting literacy “while raising awareness of our common humanity.”

This will involve a donation of 100 book sets of seven carefully selected multicultural books to libraries and schools in areas of need across the globe.

See Choosing the 2010 Book Set by Sally Ito from PaperTigers. Peek: “We are especially concerned with young readers for whom literacy is a crucial pathway out of adverse conditions in life, and with communicating to them the message that there’s a place for all of us, with all our similarities and differences, in the world we share.”

Cynsational Notes

The February 2010 issue of PaperTigers also includes interviews with author-illustrator Claire A. Nivola, author-illustrator Bolormaa Baasansuren, and authors Guo Yue and Clare Farrow by Marjorie Coughlan as well as interviews with author Lucia Gonzalez, author-illustrator Lynne Barasch, author-illustrator Grace Lin, and author Katie Smith Milway by Aline Pereira.