Dimity Duck by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Sebastian Braun

Dimity Duck by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Sebastian Braun (Philomel, 2006)(author interview). A joyous explanation in the day of the life of duck, highlighted by her pal Frumity Frog. Ages 3-up.

My Thoughts

Cute, cute book. I’m a friend of ducks. In fact I have a treaty with the duck kingdom and would never ever eat one. (Sorry, chickens–you’re on your own).

Quiet picture books have been struggling in the market, perhaps because of the bookstore buyers’ preference for storytime-friendly titles. (I’m not sure). At the same time, parents and other child caregivers still clamor for bedtime books, titles that wind down young readers.

I’m a lover of both ends of the “noise” spectrum, and it occurred to me as I was reading Dimity Duck that it’s a successful hybrid. Dimity rises and waddles, toddles, wiggle-waggles, paddles, dines, dives, sings, and plays. Whew! By the end of the day, when Dimity toddles off to bed, we’re sleepy, too!

A great title for group and lap reading! Quack!

Jane’s other recent titles include Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers & Eaters with tales by Jane Yolen, recipes by Heidi E.Y. Stemple, and illustrations by Philippe Beha (Crocodile Books, 2006) and Baby Bear’s Books, illustrated by Melissa Sweet (Harcourt, 2006), another day-in-the-life story, this one of a reading bear.

Cynsational Notes

Fowl fans, once you’ve read Dimity Duck, check out Toni Buzzeo‘s companion picture books, Dawdle Duckling (Dial, 2003) and Ready Or Not, Dawdle Duckling, both illustrated by Margaret Spengler (Dial, 2005). Read a recent Cynsations interview with Toni Buzzeo.

A bold and successful exception to the anti-quiet-books market trend is An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long (Chronicle, 2006)(author-illustrator interview).