Rainy Labor Day

Not much to report today. Ran out to Containers and More for something to put my sprawling variety of goofy costume jewelry in; finally settled on a plastic drawer set designed for screws and what not.

Greg bought himself a toaster oven at Best Buy. (He has this issue with regular toasters because they can get dust in them. Really. And I’m supposed to be the O-C one.)

Then on the way home we picked up three packages of Solar Hummus at Central Market and of course a piece of dark chocolate for me.

Right now, Greg’s reading The Hobbit again and has started making some noises about possibly doing a high fantasy, sometime down the road. I’m blogging with Mercury sleeping on a box beside my desk. General mood is blah.

One bright spot: listened to an audio interview available for download with Kathi Appelt about her recent memoir, MY FATHER’S SUMMERS.