My (Mostly) Non-Writing Life

America is my country, and Paris is my home town. — Gertrude Stein

My (Mostly) Non-Writing Life

Date of Birth: 12/31/67; only child “who’s spoiled?”

Lived in HI, IL, MO, MI, KS, OK, TX; prefer central time zone

Dog: pom named Sir Gallahad XIII; called “Tramp”

Great Teacher: Mrs. Woodside, First Grade

Won public library reading contest, 3rd grade

First plane trip: to Disneyland; fond of “It’s a Small World” ride

Heroine: “Mighty Isis,” featured with “Shazam” on Saturday AM TV

Favorite Play Place: woods behind house

Family vacations: summers in Estes Park, exclusively

See Famous Person for First Time: Dolly Parton

Begin life-long desire to visit Dollywood (still haven’t)

4th grade career goal: magician

First kiss: David Somebody on cheek; broke up next day. Alas!

Wrote “Dear Gabby” advice column for 6th grade paper

Great Teacher: Mr. Rideout, 6th Grade

6th grade nickname: “Olive Oil”

Spend every Weds & Fri night rollerskating

Great Teacher: Mr. Bigler, 8th Grade Social Studies

YMCA cheerleader, 5th-9th grade

Favorite Singer: Donna Summer

Favorite Band: Meatloaf

“Inappropriate” Donna S, Meatloaf lyrics pointed out to Mom by Uncle Al

First car date: “Two of a Kind” with John Travolta & Olivia Newton John

First post-babysitting job: making popcorn for movie theater

First car: red ’68 Mustang coupe (fave high school boyfriend had white classic Mustang coupe)

Favorite hang out: Minsky’s Pizza

Often called “Cindy Lou”

Great Teacher: Mr. Pennington, AP European History

Took tap, jazz, & ballet until 18

High school varsity cheerleader

Editor, high school newspaper

Waitress, Mexican restaurant

Dated boy called “Panama”

Graduated high school, 1986

Pledged Alpha Delta Pi

Majors: news/editorial & public relations

Concentrations: English, history, human development and family life

Took financial inactive status at sorority

First apartment has Murphy bed

Minority issues reporter, campus newspaper

Great Professors: Houston/Franklin “Children & Television”

President, KU chapter of Public Relations Student Society

Great Professor: Mary Wallace, “Reporting II”

Great Teacher: Tom Eblen “Reporting III”

Graduated college, 1991, walked down “The Hill” with cousin Stacy

Summer starter, law school, first met Ivy Leagers en masse

Study abroad, Paris (okay, went to Paris, didn’t so much “study”)

Senior editor, feminist law journal; which was shortly thereafter sued

Engaged to Greg, 7/3/93 in Dallas, Texas

President, Native American Law Students Association

Graduated law school, 1994 in one piece but serious debt

Moved to Chicago 5/94

Married, 9/4/94 by husband’s uncle, a Presbyterian minister

Federal employee “yikes!”

Moved to Austin, 2/95

Full-time writer, reviewer, teacher, happy person AKA world’s shortest legal career

Tutor for migrant student program, St. Ed’s University

Moved Back to Chicago 2/97

Adopted by Cat: grey tabby, “Mercury Boo”

Moved to back to — guess where? Austin, 2/99

Adopted by Cat: another grey tabby: “Sebastian Doe”

Receive historic castle from very cute husband for Christmas; plan to keep husband

Breakfast at the White House w/ Reading on the West Lawn

New kittens: Leo & Blizzard; Total of four kittens.

Release of Greg‘s debut novel, NINJAS, PIRANHAS, AND GALILEO

Chatted on Delilah — Love Songs; & she played “Dancing In the Dark” for me!

9/4/04 Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Absolutely fave superhero: Oracle (the original Batgirl)