Bibliotherapy and Star Wars

I’m pleased to report that I’m back to writing. It’s wonderful. I found myself dancing around the kitchen yesterday evening. Not that I don’t normally, but… With particular zeal! I plan to curl up this afternoon on the day bed in the sunroom with some tea and turn the TV onto a music channel. Something non-distracting like “atmospheres.”

NPR did write again and asked for the name of a librarian to interview about children’s self-help books. With rare exceptions, I’m somewhat biased against these books.

For example, I’d rather suggest Molly’s Family by Nancy Garden than a more didactic introduction to the idea of two moms because it’s the story, writing, quality of the illustrations that make us care about the characters. Molly is our hero, and that makes us more aware, more sensitive than any published lecture of how an intrusive adult voice would frame her family diversity.

Anyway, researching the subject a trusted librarian did assure me that some of the self-help books were good (which I knew, though I thought they were more rare).

So, I gave NPR the names of three ALA uber librarians and contact information for IRA’s special interest group on bibliotherapy. (This is not to say the bibliotherapy experts wouldn’t use a literary trade book).

Planning to watch “Smallville” tonight in hopes it’ll improve, and fascinated to study the DVD release promo for “Star Wars” with Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia clinging fearfully to Chewbacca as the men jump forward with their blasters. It’s totally out of character for Leia as portrayed in the films, which is interesting, though Greg reminds me that this was still several years before Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley.

I’d like to thank writer/actress Carrie Fisher for making sassy, petite, smart, curvy, long-haired brunette women the ultimate male fantasy for my generation. A lot of us owe you, honey!