Mystery At The Club Sandwich

New titles include: Mystery At The Club Sandwich by Doug Cushman (Clarion, 2004). It’s this sort of Humphrey-Bogart-esque dectective story in black-and-white illustrations about an elephant detective, Nick Trunk, on the case of Lola Gables’ lost (lucky) marbles. Very tongue in cheek. Ages 7-up.

Last night Greg and I went out to dinner at Katz’s and then to the bar at the Hyatt, mostly because it has a nice lake view through the trees. One thing I love about this city, even at its most famous 24-hour deli, you can still order anything on whole wheat. Ie., lox on a whole wheat bagel with no-fat cream cheese. Delicious. The restaurants and bars on the south side of the lake are less popular because they don’t offer the view of the bats available from the north (largely in part to the size and proximity of the Austin American Statesman complex). I don’t begrudge them of it though, being a former reporter myself, and besides, my pal and children’s illustrator Don Tate works there.

Today I have officially nothing on my calendar, which means I’m pretty busy. I just finished reading and critiquing a friend’s middle grade novel manuscript, packaging up a signed book to donate to a fund-raising auction, and pulling together a list of children’s books related to various issues in case NPR’s All Things Considered wasn’t just flirting with me via email and they really do follow up about an interview. What I’m not doing (yet): working on my revision, but the muse has started whispering.