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By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Why Jane Eyre Is a YA Novel by Lena Coakley from The Guardian. Peek: “…an even stronger reason adults might object to calling Jane Eyre a YA novel is because it explores female desire so openly. Jane Eyre does not contain explicit sex, but it does have an earthiness that shocked its Victorian readers.”

How to Make a Kid Lit List by Chris Barton from Bartography. Peek: “Have you thought about the demographics of who’s listed and who’s left out?”

How to Tackle a Big Revision by Carter Higgins from Deborah Halverson at Dear Editor. Peek: “…this process helped me break down what seemed like an impossible and daunting task….”

Judy Blume, Bookseller by Judith Rosen from Publishers Weekly. Peek: “Most days she can be found plying her trade at Books & Books Key West, a two-month old independent bookstore in Florida that she and her husband, George Cooper, co-founded.”

The All Too-Familiar Fog of White Authenticating by Nina Lindsey from Reading While White. Peek: “…a mostly White group starts comparing one excellent book with another. Inevitably, some people ‘just feel’ that Excellent Book A (by a White person) does ‘more’ for them than Excellent Book B (by a person of color). It probably does; and that’s not the point.”

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Thank you to the Texas Library Association and Candlewick Press for a wonderful experience at the TLA Annual Conference in Houston! This week’s Cynsations roundup is a bit abbreviated as a result of my participation. However, I do have personal book news to share:

Jingle Dancer is featured among recommended reads for celebrating Dia by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission.

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