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By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Teen Books by Native Writers to Trumpet Year-Round by Debbie Reese from School Library Journal. Peek: “…don’t confine the use of books by and about Native people—or any other group—to a single day or month. We are here, it must be said, all year-round—just like everyone else. The following works for young adults should be read, displayed, and celebrated in every collection.” Note: I’m honored that my Feral trilogy (Candlewick) was recommended.

Racial and Ethnic Justice in the College Writing Course by Joy Castro from Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts. Peek: “I create a larger context for our work by consistently alluding during class discussion to literature by writers of color. There is a literary tradition, and you’re invited to contribute, this strategy implicitly asserts to students of color.”

Aces Out: Laying the Cards on the Table by Zach J. Payne from Gay YA. Peek: “Asexuals don’t face a lot of the terrible things that our gay, lesbian, and trans friends do. We don’t stand out, but we are targets.” See also My Furious Brown Girl Child Response and the Difficulties of the “Diversity” Umbrella by Mitali Perkins from Mitali’s Fire Escape. Note: Don’t miss the continuing conversation in the comments.

Of Moons and Magic with Melanie Crowder by Julie Danielson from Kirkus Reviews. Peek: “If every element of the story is working on multiple levels, the manuscript naturally gets tighter. Fortunately for me, I am matched with an editor who allows a story to be what it wants to be, even if that means it stands apart from industry trends.”

U.S. Children’s-YA Literature Conferences at Colleges/Universities: a list by Chris Barton from Bartography.

Get Ready for Readukkah: Association of Jewish Libraries First Reading Challenge by Heidi Estrin from The Whole Megillah. Peek: “You pick the book – any reading level, fiction or nonfiction, Jewish in any way you choose to define it.”

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Cynsations is late (and a bit abbreviated) this morning due to a central Texas storm and the fact that Cyn consequently spent an hour or so in the under-stairs restroom during a tornado warning.

Austin area readers, stay safe! Many roads are flooded and, even where they’re not, visibility is dicey at best.

Congratulations to the We Need Diverse Books Walter Dean Myers Grant Recipients, including Yamile Saied Méndez (who was in my last WIFYR workshop and is now a student at VCFA).

Likewise, congratulations to the authors and illustrators of the 2015 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books, including Duncan Tonatiuh.

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