Cynsations Winter Hiatus & VCFA Winter Residency

Cynsations will be on hiatus from now until sometime shortly after Jan. 22 while I teach at the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults winter 2010 residency in Montpelier.

I look forward to working with fellow faculty members Kathi Appelt, Margaret Bechard, Alan Cumyn, Sharon Darrow, Sarah Ellis, A.M. Jenkins, Ellen Howard, Uma Krishnaswami, Julie Larios, Martine Leavitt, Laura McGee Kvasnosky, Leda Schubert, Shelley Tanaka, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Tim Wynne-Jones. In addition, Carolyn Coman will be matched with post-graduate students.

Kimberly Willis Holt is the writer in residence. Sarah is leading the picture book certificate program, and the visiting author-illustrator is Lynne Rae Perkins.

Our graduate assistants will be Marianna Baer, Debbie Gonzales, Sarah Sullivan, and Zu Vincent.

Cynsational Notes

Children’s-YA writing enthusiasts should watch my Twitter account! Beginning Sunday, I’ll be tweeting the occasional faculty quote from the winter residency. Note: you do not have to be registered at Twitter or to “follow” me to read the tweets. You can just go to my Twitter page, and they’ll all be displayed there, in descending order, from most to least recent.