Literacy Outreach, Start-Up Multicultural Fantasy Publisher & Book Trailer Scholarship Opportunity

Video Book Trailer Scholarship: “create a video book trailer for the verse novel Hugging the Rock by Susan Taylor Brown (Tricycle, 2006). Put together a cast and act it out, create an animation, or use photos with text set to music–it’s up to you. Win a $1000 scholarship!” Read a Cynsations interview with Susan. Read an excerpt of Hugging the Rock.

Ethiopia Reads believes that education is the key to improving the next generation of Ethiopians and that books are key to fostering a genuine love of reading. Get involved. More on Ethiopia Reads from author Jane Kurtz.

If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything: Mission: “to Encourage…Native children and community members to read for pleasure; to provide…Indian communities with opportunities to engage in and communicate about reading; to promote…library use at tribal schools; to help improve…tribal school library collections; to support…tribal school librarians!” Officially endorsed by the American Indian Library Association.

Tu Publishing, a multicultural fantasy and science fiction press for children and young adults, needs your help to get started. In order to launch the press, Editorial Director Stacy Whitman has set up a kickstart funds drive to raise money from contributors. In order to help her reach her goals, this community has been formed to auction off items, services, crafts, and other various and sundry offerings, with all the proceeds going to the Tu kickstart page. We hope to help Stacy and Tu reach the goal of $10,000 by Dec. 14.”