Auden Media Launches New Book Packager

New York, New York–Auden Media Corporation, the parent company of Firebrand Literary, is pleased to announce the launch of a new company division, Tinderbox. Tinderbox is a book packager of superior quality, high-concept teen and middle grade fiction.

Tinderbox prides itself on offering more equitable terms to its writers than the traditional book packager, offering competitive splits of the advance, royalties and subrights. “We want to ensure that our writers are as invested financially as they are creatively,” says Nadia Cornier, who co-founded Tinderbox with Michael Stearns.

Tinderbox is a separate entity from Firebrand Literary. “Aside from shared office space and some personnel, the two companies—Tinderbox and Firebrand—will be completely distinct,” explains Michael Stearns. “The packager will work with other agencies’ writers while Firebrand’s authors will continue to receive the level of editorial development, dedicated advocacy, and marketing savvy that they’ve come to expect from the agency.”

The Tinderbox website will go live this fall, providing more detailed information for publishers and agents, featuring current and upcoming projects and functioning as a platform for in-house and co-operative marketing initiatives.

For interested parties, Tinderbox is not currently accepting writing samples from unagented authors, but welcomes inquiries and samples from agents on behalf of their clients. Tinderbox is developing all their properties in-house and will not consider original unsolicited stories, concepts or proposals. For more information on Tinderbox, please contact Nadia Cornier or Michael Stearns or visit