Blogger Transition

Cynsations is caught in some kind of limbo between Blogger 1 and Blogger 2 (on the off-chance that someone can help, my dashboard is on 2, but, after a few days, the blogs themselves still haven’t been moved over).

Following the troubleshooting directions has been hit or miss. I have managed to log in at least once daily, but I’m not sure that will continue to be the case. Apparently larger blogs are being moved over latter in the queue.

All of this is to say, if Cynsations goes quiet for a while, please don’t think I’m abandoning the blog. I’m simply waiting for it to be sprung from purgatory by the Google gods. I’m hopeful that everything is resolved in a somewhat timely manner so I don’t have to re-evaluate where I blog.

Cross fingers though that my luck holds, and I’ll do my best to keep posting. My apologies for any delays to my interviewees.