Mocking Birdies by Annette Simon

Mocking Birdies by Annette Simon (Simply Read Books, 2005). From the catalog copy: “Stop! Stop copying me! It’s a phrase that is parroted by generations of children and achingly familiar to parents. This enchanting picture book presents a playful take on the phenomenon, offering dueling voices a chance to find harmony. The clever story encourages young mimics to take turns, first playing the Blue Bird, then the Red Bird. The short, rhythmic, repeating text is fun and easy for young children to follow, and Simon’s brilliant, eye-catching graphics add to the charm.” Ages 2-up.

My Thoughts

What great fun! This bright, colorful, high-energy book celebrates natures mimics (and mimics the voices of young children). Smart, funny, and accessible, Mocking Birdies will entertain teachers and parents as much as children.

Texans do note that the mockingbird is our state bird.

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