Brain Ooze

“No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.” –H.G. Wells

I’m not sure about that, but if you want to really complicate the issue…. Ever try copy editing for your spouse?

Greg is on deadline to send his final draft of TOFU AND T.REX (Little Brown, spring 2005) to Amy, who by the way has a food company named after her. Her last edits were pretty minor–some confusion about the fact that school starts in Texas sooner than in Chicago (the sooner to practice football, my dear) and what not.

Mostly, we’re just combing through for little, picky stuff because any time you tweak anything, you open the door to glitches and ripples.

Or really bad lines like “open the door to glitches and ripples,” which pretty much proves my point.

Yes, Amy herself will go over it and so will the copy editor. But we can’t let anything leave the house looking icky.

So, anyway, TOFU is smart, hilarious, classic G. But the tedium of copy editing has never been my passion, hence my leaning toward reporting rather than editing in J-school. So…brain ooze.

In other news, two darling blond chicks took me out for Chinese food and showered me with celebratory gifts. I love my friends. (More on that later; it’s part of a much bigger story to come).