INDIAN SHOES: Pre-Reading/Prediction Guide



Indian ShoesJust by looking at the cover, what can you guess about the book? Can you guess what you might learn?


1. What would Grandpa Halfmoon say if he saw the card the librarian placed by Ray’s shoes?

2. Will having them ease his homesickness? Will he get to go home soon, too? What clues does the author give you that they will?

3. After the events of the wedding, what do you think they’ll both do the next time they’re asked to be in a wedding? Why?

4. What will the owners of all the pets say to Grandpa and Ray?

5. Will Ray create more pictures using collage? What makes you think so?

6. In “Team Colors,” do you think that, at the next game, other boys will come sporting team colors?

7. Will Ray get up to go night fishing again? Why?