Indian Shoes: Comprehension/Quiz Questions

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1. Locate the passages that make it clear that Grandpa Halfmoon is homesick. Have you ever been homesick? If so, what were you homesick for? 2. List at least three ways that Grandpa and Ray show they care about each other.


1. Describe in your own words what happened at the wedding.

2. Retell the events of “The Accident.”


1. What can you learn from Ray and Grandpa Halfmoon about helping one another? Use examples from the text.

2. Can you think of other safe solutions for the pets in “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”


1. Compare yourself to Ray. How are you like him? In what ways, if any, are you different?

2. How would this story be different if it were written through the eyes of Grandpa Halfmoon? Would it still be a children’s book? Why?


1. What would you have done at the wedding? What do you think they did at the reception?

2. Of all the stories told in this book, which do you think that Ray would look back on as an adult with the best memories? What makes you think so?


1. In “The Accident,” Grandpa Halfmoon doesn’t lecture Ray about his decision not to be in the contest. What does he do instead? Do you think this is more effective? Why or why not?

2. Choose your favorite chapter and answer these questions: Why is this part your favorite? How does it demonstrate how Grandpa and Ray feel about each other? What is the best description? What is something you’ll remember about it long after you have closed the book?