Intro: Contemporary Native American Children’s and Young Adult Books

Recently, we’ve seen a slight growth in the number of children’s and young adult books published that explore contemporary Native American Indian themes. Please support these titles, centering ownvoices work, and advocate for more representation.

The bibliographies herein are by no means comprehensive. I’m merely highlighting, giving you a place to begin and build. However, you will find many, many more suggestions–plus related resources–on the teacher and librarian page.

A brief note on the terms “Native American,” “American Indian” etc. I have spoken with members of the greater Native community(ies) who have strong feelings in favor of certain language as well as with people who just don’t care. Because the purpose of this site is to offer information to a wide audience, both internal and external, we are employing both. This way, visitors searching under various terms will be able to find us.