Cynsations Winter Hiatus

By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Many blessings of the season, Cynsational readers!

Effective immediately, this blog is on winter hiatus until sometime in early 2018. In the meantime, please find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’ll continue sharing bookish news about writing and illustrating books for young readers, the creative life, and publishing as an industry–along with some adventures of my own.

Thanks to everyone who was featured or contributed a guest article to Cynsations this fall. Most appreciated!

(If your post was turned in but has not yet gone live, our apologies for the delay. It’ll happen ASAP next year.)

Thanks also to interns Gayleen Rabakukk and Robin Galbraith and to reporters Carol Coven Grannick, Traci Sorell, Christopher Cheng, Melanie Fishbane, and Angela Cerrito. You are all wonderful people and talent writers. Color me your fan!

And of course thanks to all of you Cynsational readers for joining us, for supporting the world of children’s-YA literature and young readers and for signal boosting our efforts!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

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