In Memory: Bridget Zinn

YA author Bridget Zinn has died after a battle with colon cancer.

From author April Henry: “Bridget was funny, smart, and passionate. If I was going to use one word for her, it would be vibrant. Or radiant.”

From author E.M. Kokie: “She was a good person, excellent to talk writing and publishing and life with. Someone to laugh with. And celebrate with. Share cake with and smile with.”

From agent Michael Stearns: “Sad just doesn’t cut it. No how no way. Doesn’t come anywhere near to capturing the weighty emptiness we feel. And to amp things up with adverbs—well, that sort of lousy writing she wouldn’t stand for.”

Bridget’s debut novel, Poison, has sold to Disney/Hyperion. Michael says, “You’ll get to read it one of these days…. The story is a fantasy about a girl fugitive who fancies herself tough-as-nails until she finds love, humility, and more through an unexpected partnership with a wee enchanted piglet named Rosie.” More on that to come.

12 thoughts on “In Memory: Bridget Zinn

  1. I didn't know Bridget, but I was very aware of her reputation. When I started to see tributes yesterday, and realized why,e my heart just broke. For now, I'll look forward to reading her book and I'll be thinking of her family and friends.

  2. I'm so very sorry to read this news. She was definitely a light to many, and I know she will be terribly missed.

    Pam Smallcomb

  3. My condolences to all.

    Kelly, in the original draft of the post, I wrote simply: I hate cancer. It steals away too many too soon. It's always too soon, though, isn't it. Especially so in this case.

    E.M., I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember your mentioning Bridget when we met and thought of you immediately.

    Audrey, this reminds me how connected we all are through the larger community. I'll definitely do my best to champion Bridget's book when the time comes.

  4. While I've never met Bridget, I've felt a connection to her through the auctions organized by her lovely friends. My heart goes out to all her friends and her husband during this sad, sad time.

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