10th Anniversary Feature: Kathi Appelt

In celebration of the ten-year anniversary of, I asked some established authors–folks I’d featured early on–the following question:

Over the past decade, what are the most important lessons you’ve learned about your craft, the writing/artistic life, and/or publishing, and why?

Here’s the latest answer, this one from author Kathi Appelt:

I think I could probably write a thesis on this, but when all is said and done I’m thinking that the biggest lesson is one that I have to remind myself of, and that is to always keep in mind that there is a “love factor” involved: love for the process even when things aren’t going swimmingly; love for those in your life, which means surrounding yourself with people who are supportive.

Likewise, we have to be providers of love, not just takers.

And finally, it requires love for our young audience.

It all seems so obvious, but maybe it’s that obviousness that makes it so easy to forget.