In Memory: Andrew Clements

By Stephani Martinell Eaton

Andrew Clements, beloved and prolific author, died Nov. 28 in West Baldwin, Maine. He was 70.

Obituary: Andrew Clements by Shannon Maughan from Publishers Weekly. Peek: “Clements shared…that he credited his parents, both avid readers, with instilling a love of books and reading in him and his siblings, and noted that tech-free family summers spent at a cabin on a lake in Maine helped him ‘begin to think like a writer.’”

Frindle Author Remembered from School Library Journal.

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Intern Insights: Strategies for Achieving Your Creative Goals

By Gayleen Rabakukk

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to time, in part because time travel factors into my manuscript, but also because scheduling is one of my biggest challenges.

Family life, teaching gigs and volunteer work quickly fill my days—not to mention the household chores I should be doing (my home could easily be mistaken for a dust bunny rescue). With all those tasks competing for my time,

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