Cynsations Winter Hiatus

By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Happy Holidays, Cynsational readers!

Effective immediately, Cynsations is on winter hiatus. We’ll return after the ALA Midwinter Conference with more inspiration, insights, and info on children’s-YA writing, illustration, literature, and publishing. In the meantime, you’re welcome keep up on those topics with me at FacebookInstagramPinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

But first, let’s raise a cup of cocoa to Cynsations Editor-in-Chief Gayleen Rabakukk, Industry News Reporter Gail Vannelli, and Interns Suma Subramaniam and AJ Eversole, as well as our beat and at-large reporters Linda Joy SingletonRebecca Kirshenbaum, Clara Hammett, Helen KampionElisabeth NortonVeeda BybeeClara Hammett; and Michael Leali.

I’m oh-so grateful for their excellent efforts throughout the year. They worked hard to keep you updated on industry news, to feature voices and new releases, and to highlight educational, financial, and craft-development opportunities.

To our wonderful readers, we send our thanks! We’re so appreciative of your ongoing attention, signal boosts, and all you do!

We look forward to reconnecting in 2023!