Cynsational Summer Hiatus

By Cynthia Leitich SmithGayleen RabukukkStephani Eaton, and Gail Vannelli for Cynsations

Thank you to everyone who joined us over the 2019-2020 academic year!

We dearly appreciate the authors, illustrators, gatekeepers and industry pros who shared their insights and inspirations. We’re so grateful to our readers, signal boosters, and of course our wonderful reporters⁠—Angela CerritoChristopher Cheng, Robin GalbraithCarol Coven Grannick, Kim Rogers, and Linda Joy Singleton

At this time, Cynsations is officially going on summer hiatus until after Labor Day weekend. Behind the scenes, we will be working on future posts over the next few months to be ready for our return.

Meanwhile, please keep up with Cynthia at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow Gayleen, Stephani, and Gail on Twitter.

Take care, stay safe, and enjoy your summer reading!

Cynsational Notes

Candlewick Launches Online Summer Camp by Alex Green from Publishers Weekly. Peek: “Camp Candlewick is a 12-week free online education program for kids in grades 1–12. Campers will be divided into virtual cabins by age group and participate in workshops, read-alouds, and other activities.

“The publisher has created e-newsletters, Pinterest updates, and website materials that will be available to support readers throughout the program. They will be joined by authors and illustrators, including Megan McDonaldMeg MedinaG. Neri, and Cynthia Leitich Smith.”

The resources will be open to anyone who wants to participate and read along. All assets and resources will be made available on social platforms and the Candlewick Stay at Home site. (Camp Candlewick may prompt folks for engagement virtually, but there is no official signup.)

We Need Diverse Books Announces Online Native Children’s and YA Writing Intensive from Cynsations. Peek: “…will take place from Aug. 13 to Aug. 16. The theme for the Writing Intensive is elevating and empowering Native voices and it will offer an opportunity for reflection, conversation, celebration, and manuscript and career development for participants.” If you’re interested and qualified to participate, apply today! Deadline: June 30.