Help Fund Modo: Ember’s End, a Graphic Novel Inspired by the Hunchback Assignments

By Greg Leitich Smith

Arthur Slade, all-around nice guy and author of the bestselling Hunchback Assignments series, is in the midst of a crowd-funding project to produce a standalone, steampunk-infused graphic novel set in the Wild West called Modo: Ember’s End.

“This will be a coveted collector’s item: 72 full-colour pages of graphic novel goodness, wrapped in hardcover (so you can take it on the stagecoach with you). It’s a stand-alone story: the further adventures of Modo, star of The Hunchback Assignments novels. He’s been trained by the British to be a secret agent and is a hunchback with a special ability: he can change his shape to look like other people.”

In return for pitching in, you could receive–depending on your price point–signed copies, T-shirts, original art, and/or Skype visits.

Arthur on How to Put the “Steam” in Steampunk

Here’s what the funds are going toward:

“We’re looking for enough greenbacks to print a full-colour collector’s edition of Ember’s End. (It’s gonna look real purrrty.) The artist and author will also be paid for their work. More importantly, we have several awesome stretch rewards in mind should we surpass our funding goal. Will it be buttons? T-shirts? Airships for everyone? Stay tuned.”

As of this posting, Arthur and illustrator Christopher Steininger have forty-one hours to raise the remaining $1,020 necessary to meet their goal. What you’ll receive in return should–IMHO–more than compensate for your donation. For $25, for example, you’ll get a signed, hardcover copy of the graphic novel–shipping included. That’s about what you’d pay in a bookstore.

Here’s the link to the Indiegogo Ember’s End page.

Check out the trailer: