New Cynsations Reporter: Angela Cerrito

By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Angela Cerrito writes by night and is a pediatric physical therapist by day.

Her debut novel The End of the Line (Holiday House, 2011) was selected for VOYA’s Top of the Top Shelf 2011 and Top Shelf for Middle Grade Readers 2011.

She is the Assistant International Advisor for SCBWI and regularly attends the Frankfurt and Bologna Book Fairs.

When she’s not writing, Angela enjoys eating, climbing in caves and jumping off cliffs. She lives in Europe with her husband, two daughters, a big black cat, a little white dog and a talking parrot.

Angela will be covering the children’s-YA book scene in Europe and beyond for Cynsations. Read an interview with Angela.

6 thoughts on “New Cynsations Reporter: Angela Cerrito

  1. "Europe" is very large, but somehow Paris suddenly feels less lonely knowing you're out there somewhere! Congrats on a successful debut and on joining up with a rockstar like Cynthia!

  2. Thank you, Ashley
    I am out here & close to Paris. You've found an amazing teaching assignment. I hope our paths cross -Paris has an amazing kidlit community.

  3. Ashley, I know Europe is a big place, but I hope you and Angela have a chance to connect in person sometime. Two such great writers!

    Agreed, Donna! I'm absolutely thrilled.

    WAW, right with your on The End of the Line! And me to!

    Thanks again, Angela! I'm delighted to have you on board!

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