Last Call: Giveaway of Manuscript Critique by Elizabeth Law & Convo in the Comments

Have you been following the conversation in the comments following Egmont USA Publisher Elizabeth Law’s recent interview with YA author Allen Zadoff?

Here are some highlights:

From Elizabeth:

“It’s easier to help an author build a career when you have the luxury of taking several books to do it.”

“I’m a very bad prognosticator, but I continue to hear that horror and ghost stories are coming back, and that middle grade adventure will also be coming on strong.”

“…we are seeing amazing, extraordinary YA writing right now. The bar keeps getting higher and higher. And with such very good material coming out, and more talented writers than ever entering the field (like Allen, for example) I think the success of YA will continue.”

From Allen:

“Yes, I do get stuck. Here’s a little trick that helps me. I pretend someone else is working on my manuscript tomorrow. A different writer, but someone I like. My only job today is not to screw that guy by leaving him in a tough spot. I get something on the page for ‘him’ so he doesn’t have to start cold in the morning.”

“For me characters appear as who they are, not as who I’d like them to be. So if a female character wants me to tell her story, she’ll tap me on the shoulder and let me know.”

“Sometimes editors don’t know how to give a note/editorial comment in the most effective way. I was actually taught that it’s not their job to tell me well; it’s my job to interpret well and fix the story.”

Last Call

In celebration of Egmont USA Publisher Elizabeth Law’s recent interview with YA author Allen Zadoff, she is giving away a critique of up to thirty manuscript pages.

Her response will include a thirty-minute phone call and short, written notes about the submitted work, which can be fiction, nonfiction, or chapter book. The winner will have two weeks to submit for critique. The phone call/feedback will occur within a week after that. Submissions should be writing targeted to ages 8 and up (middle grade or YA). The phone call may also touch on submissions, the market for the book, the publishing process–anything the author wants to know!

To enter, comment at Elizabeth and Allen’s interview and include an email address (formatted like: cynthia at cynthialeitichsmith dot com) or a link to an email address. Or you may email me with “Elizabeth and Allen” in the subject line.

An extra entry will go to those who comment with a thoughtful question or make a related comment. Extra entries also will go to those who promote this giveaway. Please indicate your efforts/URLs in your comment. Deadline: midnight CST May 31. This giveaway is international.