Celebrating VCFA Graduate Meredith Davis

About thirty children’s-YA writers/illustrators gathered last week to celebrate Meredith Davis completing her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Meredith (center, front) poses with Kathi Appelt (front, side), Debbie Gonzales (middle, left), Jeanette Larson (middle, right), and Anne Bustard (back). Kathi gave the toast!

The event was hosted by fellow alumni Anne, Debbie , and Lindsey Lane at Waterloo Ice House. Greg Leitich Smith, Kathi, Bethany Hegedus, Anne (left); Brian Anderson (right).

Brian Anderson, Erin Edwards, Greg, and Kathi chat over nachos.

Julie Lake, Someone I Can’t ID, Mark G. Mitchell, Brian, Meredith’s husband Clay, and Meredith chatting as Erin (in green) looks on.

Bethany (back), Varian Johnson (back), Lindsey Lane (front, in blue), Varian’s wife, Chrystal (front).

7 thoughts on “Celebrating VCFA Graduate Meredith Davis

  1. Thanks for all the wa-hoos, it was a wonderful night! Kirby, the historical is next in line behind my current middle grade project-thanks for the congrats everyone.

  2. Meredith! The best-Vermont College roommie a writer could ever have — I wish I could have been in Austin for your special day. You go, girl!!!

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