Shelf Sightings: Eternal in Poland

James Klise, author of Love Drugged (Flux, 2010), writes, “We saw the Polish edition of Eternal in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Torun (famous for two things: Copernicus and gingerbread!). The Polish chain Empik, which is like Borders, is promoting it heavily. Yay!”

Let’s take a peek!

Wow, top row, face out and in great company!

Here’s the back cover! Can any of y’all read it? (I recognize “bestsellerze Top 5, the New York Times…Zachariasz…Mirandy…wampira…” and that’s about it!

Big thanks to James for sending on the report and photos! Much appreciated!

Cynsational Update

Over at Cynsations at LiveJournal, Anna Staniszewski translates:

A romantic and lyrical story of the dangerous love between a girl turned into a vampire and a fallen angel in this Top 5 bestseller in the New York Times in March 2010.

Eternally Banished

Zachary would do anything for Miranda. For her, he breaks the rule that guardian angels are warned never to break: he shows himself to his dying love. But even then he isn’t able to protect her. Attacked by a vampire, Miranda succumbs to a dark transformation…

Thank you, Anna!