The Suburb Beyond the Stars: A Short (Smart, Funny, Mysterious, Scary) Movie

From author M.T. Anderson‘s official website:

This book trailer, stitched together out of pieces filmed before M. T. Anderson’s unfortunate disappearance, discusses his new book The Suburb Beyond the Stars.

It is part of a larger set of documents about the strange and mysterious sightings and deaths in the area of Mount Norumbega — all of which will be released soon on Scholastic’s website. We’re working to make them available to a waiting public.

We hope you can make more sense of this film than we can.

The Suburb Beyond the Stars from Sang Lee on Vimeo.Cynsational Notes

The Suburb Beyond the Stars by M.T. Anderson (Scholastic, 2010). From the promotional copy: “Something very strange is happening in Vermont. It’s not The Game of Sunken Places–but when Brian and Gregory go to visit a relative in the woods, they find many things are . . . off.”