Interview with Cynthia Leitich Smith from In Bed With Books, Eternal Giveaway

Interview with Cynthia Leitich Smith by Liviania from In Bed With Books. Peek: “In fantasy, you have to succeed at everything you would in realistic fiction, plus make the fantasy elements hold together logically and earn their place in terms of character, plot, and theme. Beyond that, you can in some ways go more dramatic with your theme because the metaphor dilutes the risk of it being too on the nose.”

Enter to win a copy of Eternal (Candlewick, 2009). Peek: “…author contest can be entered by commenting on his or her interview or guest blog. The comment must be relevant to the content of the post.” Scroll here for how to earn bonus points.

Cynsational Notes

Illustrator Interview: Gene Brenek on Images of Eternal from Cynsations. Peek: “I got such a kick out of the descriptions of Joshua and Zachary. According to Zach, being blessed with good hair is one of the assets to being an angel. I had to use a typeface that really captured the essence of heavenly hair. As much work as these guardian angels do, they deserved their own T-shirt [see below].”

Interview: Shayne Leighton on the Eternal Trailer and “The Incubus” from Cynsations. Peek: “You…gave me a rough list of the textual aspects that you wanted to see in the trailer as well as the royalty-free piece of music, and I went from there.”

Eternal Trailer