Eternal Grand Prize Giveaway Package

Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Candlewick) goes on sale Tuesday, Feb. 10!

In celebration of the final countdown, you’re invited to enter to win an Eternal Grand Prize Giveaway Package!

2 First Prizes

One signed copy of Eternal
One Eternal T-shirt (choices below)
1 dragon finger puppet
1 bear finger puppet
bear stickers
guardian-angel token
signed bookmark

2 Second Prizes

One signed copy of Eternal
bear stickers
guardian-angel token
signed bookmark

12 Third Prizes

bear stickers
signed bookmark
signed bookplate

Here’s a peek at prizes! Don’t miss the T-shirts and contest details below!

Here are the Eternal T-shirts, designed by the amazing Gene Brenek. From his bio: “Gene Brenek is an author, illustrator, and advertising professional. In 2009, Gene received an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He makes his home in sunny Austin, Texas; with Michael and John-John. (One’s an international spy, the other coughs up fur balls. Unfortunately, Mr. Brenek’s not at liberty to disclose who is who.)”

Princess Dracul (above).
Closer look at the Princess Dracul logo (above).

Royal Bat (above).
Closer look at the Royal Bat logo (above).

Dracul crest (above).
Closer look at Dracul crest (above).

“I Heart My Guardian Angel” (above).
Closer look at “I Heart My Guardian Angel” logo (above).

Note: other colors and products are available. See the whole list.

To enter, email me (scroll and click envelope–if the link doesn’t work, message me for the actual email address) and (1) include your name; (2) include your snail/street mail address; (3) include your preferred T-shirt design style and color; (4) include your preferred T-shirt size; (5) write “Eternal Grand Prize Giveaway” in the subject line; and (6) answer the following question:

First, some background: Eternal is the second book in a three-set of companions that also includes Tantalize (Candlewick, 2007) and Blessed (Candlewick, TBA). The novels are set in a multi-creature-verse that includes vampires, shapeshifters, angels, ghosts, etc. In Eternal, we find out that the vampire hierarchy is located in Chicago. In Blessed, which I’m writing now, we may go to the U.S. Wolf pack.

So here’s the question: Where do you think that the U.S. Wolf pack should be located and why?

Want to double your chances to win? Post an announcement about this giveaway on your blog, website, or other online venue and send me the URL! Note: I’ll be sure to thank you with a link. Here’s text you can (but don’t have to use):

Eternal Grand Prize Giveaway Package: in celebration of the Feb. 10 release of Eternal (Candlewick), author Cynthia Leitich Smith is giving away several prize packages, some including signed copies of the novel, tie-in T-shirts, finger puppets, stickers, guardian-angel tokens, and more! See details here.

Deadline midnight CST Feb. 9! All Cynsational readers are eligible to win!

Cynsational Notes

Learn more about Eternal, check out the Eternal Readers’ Guide (spoiler warning!). For those on MySpace, see my page, Tantalize Fans Unite! (a discussion group), and reader-originated character pages for Tantalize characters Quincie, Kieren, Ruby, and Brad, and the latest reader-originated page Tastefully Tantalizing.

Eternal Trailer

Note: Please do feel free to share the trailer with fellow readers. Facebook users can see a higher-resolution version of the trailer here.