American-Statesman Features Author Betty X. Davis: An Inspiration at Age 93

Today it’s my pleasure to share with you a new article and video interview from the Austin American-Statesman featuring one of my writer heroes, Betty X. Davis. Those of you who follow the blog regularly may remember that she was one of the participants in last summer’s Awesome Austin Writers’ Workshop.

At 93, aspiring writer awaits her big break by Ricardo Gándara from the American-Statesman. Peek: “‘This is arrogance, but I have words that people might like to read,'” she says. “‘I have this desire to get the words out and see them in print.'” See also a sample of Betty’s work. (If you can’t get logged onto the site, just watch the video below).

Here’s Betty last summer with Alison Dellenbaugh, Erin Edwards, and Phil Yates, getting ready for the next manuscript critique.

And here’s Betty, enjoying some hard-earned down time with Alison and Mark G. Mitchell.