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Donna Gephart: new official site from the author of As If Being 12 3/4 Isn’t Bad Enough, Now My Mother is Running for President! (Delacorte, 2008)(excerpt). Check out presidential puzzles and links, As If trivia, and learn more about Donna! From the promotional copy: “As if being 12 ¾ isn’t bad enough, Vanessa Rothrock’s mother is running for president and it’s ruining her life. Isn’t it enough that her enormous feet trip her up all the time, even on stage during the school spelling bee? Isn’t it enough that Reginald Trumball, love of Vanessa’s pathetic life, read her personal and private list of deficiencies to some boy she doesn’t even know? And that the Boob Fairy hasn’t visited her even once?! Doesn’t Mom realize that Vanessa needs her more than the rest of the country? More importantly, doesn’t she realize that she may be in grave danger? Vanessa’s receiving threatening notes at school–notes that imply some psycho has it out for her mother at the Democratic National Convention. Vanessa might be the only person who can save her. But does she have the courage to do what that requires?” Note: this author site was designed by Lisa Firke of Hit Those Keys, who also is the genius behind my own official site.

Joseph Bruchac Video Interview from Scholastic. Read a Cynsations interview with Joe. Source: American Indians in Children’s Literature.

“What Editors Wish Writers Knew…and Would Do:” a chat with a “mystery children’s book editor” from the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Writers and Depression by Nancy Etchemendy from the Horror Writers Association. Note: I run this link periodically to remind everyone to take care of themselves and look after each other.

Jennifer Laughran has joined Andrea Brown Literary Agency as an associate agent. She is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction. Scroll for more information on her preferences and background.

Siblings see a hidden world: Best-selling Spiderwick saga comes to the big screen: review by Alice Ray from Book Page.

A fat girl with attitude speaks her mind: an interview with Susan Vaught on Big Fat Manifesto (Bloomsbury, 2008) by Lynn Green from Book Page.

Connecticut Children’s and YA Authors from Linda Williams at the Connecticut State Library.

Jacket Whys: Children’s and Young Adult Book Covers by “a librarian and former graphic designer.” A new recommended blog. Source: The Flux Blog.

Interview with Meg Cabot by Little Willow at Slayground.

“Austin’s Don Tate Hits the Big Time with Children’s Book Illustration” from Charles Apple. Here’s a sneak peek: “Creating a picture book is much like creating an infographic–I’ve got an editor, an art director, a tight deadline and much, much, much research to do. Although the end product is different, in both cases, I’m telling stories with visuals.” Read a Cynsations interview with Don. Visit Don at MySpace! Note: Don is one of the five authors/illustrators behind The Brown Bookshelf: United in Story, a celebration of the best and brightest voices in African-American children’s and young adult literature.

The Warm and Wonderful Liz Gallagher from the Class of 2k8. Here’s a sneak peek: “At first, I didn’t think that OPPOSITE would become a novel. I didn’t know that I could write a novel. So it started as a short story focused on Alice and Jewel buying a dress at a junk shop for Alice to wear to the upcoming Halloween dance at school.”

About the Editors: editors and guidelines from Dutton Children’s Books. Find out who’s looking for what! Note: Dutton is the publisher of my picture book Santa Knows, co-authored by Greg Leitich Smith, illustrated by Steve Bjorkman (2006) and the forthcoming Holler Loudly (2009).

Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton: Red, White and Blue from CBC Magazine. Here’s a sneak peek: “After many rejections I began reading the how-tos, and was fortunate enough to attend a wonderful writer’s conference given by Highlights Magazine held in Chautauqua, New York. It was magical. I was able to talk with editors, writers, and illustrators. The Chautauqua environment was like something out of a storybook; beautiful Victorian homes, families strolling the grounds, and an American flag displayed on every porch. I couldn’t help myself. I photographed our glorious flag blowing, hanging, snapping, and celebrating. That was the seed for my book Red, White and Blue (Pelican, 2002).”

Author2Author: “we are five YA/MG writers all at different stages in the writing process, here to inform, learn from, and entertain other writers by allowing a glimpse into and feedback on our writing lives.” Learn more about Lisa Schroeder (debut author), Kristina Springer (Kristina at MySpace)(soon-to-be-published), Deena Lipomi (recently signed with an agent), Emily Marshall (seeking an agent), and Kate Fall (apprentice). Note: a smart, funny blog, loaded with heart, and a reminder that, though we writers may be at different stages in our journey, we are nevertheless travelers on the same road.


Author Feature: Paula Chase-Hyman, Varian Johnson, Don Tate, Kelly Starling Lyons, and Carla Sarratt of The Brown Bookshelf from Cynsations. Due to the size of yesterday’s wonderful interview with this group, JacketFlap subscribers didn’t receive the entire text. If you’re among them, please find the rest of the interview at Cynsations at Blogger.

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