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From author Jane Kurtz:

“Pennies promise poetry.
Dollars deliver dreams.
A buck can buy a book and books change lives.

“Instead of asking ‘a penny for your thoughts,’ we’re asking you to put your two cents in by donating a dollar to Ethiopia Reads during the month of May help in celebration of our fourth anniversary.

“Ethiopia Reads was founded in May 2003 by Yohannes Gebregiorgis after he realized how much even one book changed his life. Our mission is to develop a reading culture in Ethiopia by connecting children with books.

“Be a part of our efforts to put books into the hands of every Ethiopian child by participating in our give a buck campaign. That same dollar may not travel far here, but just imagine all the stories it can tell in Ethiopia.

“Thank you. Amesegenallo.”

For more information: visit See also an interview with Jane Kurtz on the Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation.

You can donate to Ethiopia Reads and its current and future projects by visiting the website and donating through Paypal. The Paypal button is on the left side of the page. Your donation will be secure and is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

If you prefer you can mail your donation to:
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