Cynsations Launches Mirror Site at LiveJournal; Cynsations and Spookycyn Redesigned

Previously, I have had online ties to the LiveJournal community through syndications of Cynsations and Spookycyn from here at Blogger. However, occasionally errors or blocks occur.

So, I’m launching a mirror Cynsations on LiveJournal. My hope is that–tech gremlins aside–one or the other system will always be running.

You are welcome to read there or here at the original Blogger blog. However, you may want to bookmark both in case of future freezes or other difficulties.

In other news, visitors will notice that I have used the nifty Blogger format upgrade to make some design changes. My hope is that Cynsations now matches my official site better and Spookycyn is, well, a little spookier. Along these lines, I’d like to thank Karl at Blogger for helping me through the last stages of upgrade–most appreciated!

Thanks to Colleen Cook, Jo Knowles, and Sara Zarr for helping me announce these changes.