Double Byline

Greg and I signed a contract this week with Dutton Children’s Books for a humorous holiday picture book, tentatively titled Santa and the Snorklepuss. We’re not sure yet on the publication date, but we’re thrilled that Steve Bjorkman has already agreed to illustrate the story.

This soon-to-be published manuscript represents the first book Greg and I have co-authored, and it also will be his first picture book.

In addition, I got word today that Tantalize, my upcoming gothic fantasy YA, has been slated for August 2007, just in time for Halloween. The novel will be published by Candlewick, and the revision process has been the subject of many a spookycyn post.

Cynsational Links

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  1. I think you two should combine efforts again. This time do a story about a vegan warewolf who attends a school for really smart Native American JIngle Dancers back home in Chicago. At Christmas time.


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