Gruene, Texas

Went roadtripping with Greg down I-35 South to nearby Gruene, Texas to have lunch and shop for antiques.

Picked up a small craftsman desk and chair for the guest room (exhibit Greg driving the Olds down the interstate with Cyn squished in a corner of the backseat, praying all are not crushed by a passing semi).

The desk had been painted turquoise at one time, which we’re sure dessimated the “condition” value of it, and though someone did their best, flecks of turquoise are still evident in the grain, on the under hardware, and flat across the bottom of the desk door (you have to crawl under to see it). But it’s still a tremendously well made piece, and really, the turquoise gives it a sort of weathered southwestern charm. Besides, it was in the budget.

We put the desk and chair in the guest room and moved the seating of cowhide chairs and ottoman to the landing. The cats seem to like it there.