Crave Diversity? It’s (Partly) a Matter of Dollars & Sense

A “diverse” book edited by Donna.

Compiled by Cynthia Leitich Smith

In honor of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, please direct your attention to an Industry Q&A with Publisher Donna Bray from CBC Diversity:

“…while I do agree that there ought to be more, I can’t help but look back with chagrin on the many beautiful, original, well-reviewed books I’ve published in this vein which have languished.

“Discoverability, an issue for so many books, seems to be that much more of a hurdle when it comes to diverse books.”

Make noise. Vote with your dollars. Read more.

Cynsational Notes

The American Library Association Youth Media Awards were announced this morning. At the time of this posting, online coverage is still spotty. Look for links to these and more award announcements in the upcoming weekly roundup at Cynsations.

VCFA/Goldblatt: Angela Johnson Scholarship for New Students of Color or Ethnic Minorities from Anna J. Boll at Creative Chaos. Peek: “Many people think that the answer is in enrolling more people of color at great MFA programs like VCFA. To that end, the agent Barry Goldblatt established a scholarship in honor of Angela Johnson, the critically acclaimed African American poet and author of more than 40 books for children and young adults.”

Learn more about Multicultural Children’s Book Day!