Snapshot: Jennifer L. & Matthew Holm on Babymouse

Learn more about author Jennifer L. Holm and author-illustrator Matthew Holm.

Then visit Jennifer & Matthew Holm (brother-and-sister troublemakers) along with the one and only Babymouse!

Could you describe the best experience you’ve had working with an editor?

The best experience we’ve had has been working with our Random House publishing crew (we think of them as our “dream team”) – “Super Editor” Shana Corey and “Visionary Art Director” Cathy Goldsmith. They are the publishing whizzes behind Babymouse (Random House).

From day one, Shana and Cathy (and everyone else at RH for that matter!) just “got” Babymouse. And now this was years ago, back in the stone ages, before everyone was talking graphic novels for kids (we’re talking about 2003 here, folks). Their enthusiasm and thinking-outside-the-box helped shape the Babymouse books.

What do you love most about being an author? Why?

We get to make comics for a living! (What could be better?)

Jenni especially likes being able to wear pajamas all day and read other comics “as work.”

Matt always wanted a dog, and illustrating from home has allowed him to have a big lug of a puppy he can walk all day long.

In your own words, could you tell us about your latest book?

Babymouse: Dragonslayer (Random House) will be fighting its way into stores this August 25!