Wizards of the Coast: Dragon Song Contest

From librarian Jeanette Larson

Wizards of the Coast LLC is sponsoring a lyrics-writing contest for libraries and kids and teens ages 8-14 to explore the world of dragons. Entrants will write lyrics set to the story of the Green Dragon, and the winning lyrics will then be set to music to tie in with the Mirrorstone® book, A Practical Guide to Dragons by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer (2006), and the books in the Dragon Codex series.

Lyrics about the first four dragons in the Dragon Codex series – Red Dragon (2008), Bronze Dragon (2008), Black Dragon (2008) and Brass Dragon, all by R. D. Henham — provide the start of the song and will be provided on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Now it’s your turn to tell the Green Dragon’s story in lyrics. We’ve provided:

• the chorus and the lyrics about the first four dragons plus music for where the winning lyrics will go;

• information on the Dragon Song format;

• tips on how to write great lyrics (it’s a lot like writing poetry!);

• a fact sheet about Green Dragon with information from A Practical Guide to Dragons (2006) and from the new book in the Dragon Codex series, Green Dragon Codex (2009).

Check your library for these and all the Dragon Codex series books. Now your group can be the bard and give us the words!

The contest is open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited. The contest will be open from 12:01 a.m. PST June 25 until midnight PST Aug. 9. The winner will be announced on or about Sept. 1.

To enter, email Raab Associates the text of your lyrics along with your Library Participation Form (scroll for link) and the Entry Form for each participating child/teen (scroll for link). By participating in the contest, participating library and each entrant agrees to be bound by the official rules.

Once the contest is done, Wizards will record the final stanza and credit the winning library and the first name (or team name) of the entrant when we announce the winner. The song will be posted at Mirrorstone.

The winning library will receive two copies each of:

A Practical Guide to Dragons by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer (2006);
Red Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham (2008);
Bronze Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham (2008);
Black Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham (2008);
Brass Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham (2008);
Green Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham (2009);

plus two Practical Guide calendars and an assortment of bookmarks.

Plus each member of the winning team will receive one copy of A Practical Guide to Dragons (200) and Green Dragon Codex (2009)!

Visit Mirrorstone for contest details. This is a great summer promotion that can tie in with summer reading programs and which you can do as a group writing activity, or have kids write their own entry and have a contest at your library to pick the entry you think is best to submit. Don’t forget to listen to the Dragon Song lyrics we have started it off with and also check the website for tips to help you create a winning entry!