Book Trailer: Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Second Code Option)

For those having trouble connecting to the Facebook code, here’s the trailer on YouTube. The resolution is not as high, but you’ll be able to see it at least. Thanks for your patience!

Coming Feb. 10, 2009; from Candlewick Press

Eternal trailer produced by Shayne Leighton. Trailer music from Music Library, Dracul crest by Gene Brenek (illustrator interview), and images from Shayne, Stock.xchng: The Leading Free Stock Photography Website, and Public Domain Please feel free to share!

Cynsational Notes

Return tomorrow for an interview with Shayne on the making of the Eternal trailer!

Enter to win an ARC of Eternal (see details)! Deadline: Feb.5.

Eternal and Tantalize (Candlewick, 2007) are set in the same universe, but feature different main characters. The two casts will crossover in Blessed, which is in progress now. A graphic novel adaptation of Tantalize from Kieren’s point of view also is in the works.

Learn more about Eternal, check out the Eternal Readers’ Guide (spoiler warning!). For those on MySpace, see my page, Tantalize Fans Unite! (a discussion group), and reader-originated character pages for Tantalize characters Quincie, Kieren, Ruby, and Brad, and Tastefully Tantalizing.