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Lee & Low Books offers answers from its authors and illustrators to the question: how do you celebrate the holidays and what do they mean to you? Here’s a sneak peek from Ken Mochizuki’s answer: “New Year’s Day might vary slightly from most of the country. Those of Japanese descent celebrate the first day of a new year with oshogatsu, which is eating traditional Japanese foods, usually eaten in between college bowl games on TV.”

Richard Van Camp Interview by Judi Saltman from the Canadian Children’s Illustrated Books Project. Here’s a sneak peek: “In my work: family, identity, culture, and the essential question: ‘What does it mean to be Dogrib?’ Being half, I make the joke that I could be the cowboy or the Indian when we used to play guns, because I was half cowboy and half Indian. So, that’s a recurring theme in my adult literature and in my children’s literature.” Source: American Indians in Children’s Literature.

SCBWI is running a contest for writers. In 75 words or less, respond to this question: “What happens at the North Pole on Christmas Eve?” At least one winner will receive a free year of membership with the SCBWI. Any runner(s)-up will an receive a SCBWI T-shirt. Deadline: 4 p.m. PST, Dec. 17. See guidelines and additional information.

Louise A. Jackson: official site of the author of Exiled! and Gone To Texas: From Virginia to Adventure. Louise has Texas roots, specializes in historical fiction, and is published by Eakin.

“What in a Name?” by Jan Fields from the Institute of Children’s Literature. Jan talks about dating names, using popular names (or not), readability, and using names from real life.

Douglas Pocock, Executive Vice President of Egmont USA Inc., has named Elizabeth Law as Vice President and Publisher. Random House will handle sales and distribution. Learn more about the launching of Egmont USA.

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Thank you to Nita at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and Topher of BookPeople, both in Austin, for their hospitality at today’s book fair.