Keeper of the Night Giveaway

Author Kimberly Willis Holt is giving away a signed hardcover copy of Keeper of the Night (Henry Holt)(excerpt) to each of the first three people who email her tomorrow–Wednesday, Oct. 24–with their name and snail/street mail address. Emails may be sent to her beginning at any time that day. See more information.

From the flap copy:

“Isabel’s mother died peacefully. At least that’s what Isabel likes to think since no one will talk about the truth. But the truth has a way of revealing itself at night. Ta`Ta sleeps curled up on the floor right where Mama’s body was found. Olivia wets her bed and wakes repeatedly from nightmares, and Frank starts carving his anger into his bedroom wall. It’s up to Isabel to help her family get beyond the pain and loss—to be the keeper of the night. But who will be there for Isabel and help her through to the other side?

“Set on the lush island of Guam, Kimberly Willis Holt has written a painfully beautiful story about a young woman’s struggle to protect her family after suicide hits home.”